1 November 2012


Hellooo .. I update the blog today...
 this day is the last day of the school day bagi semua tingkatan 3.
And there is prize for all activities that are carried out
during the end of the PMR. Kumpulan kitaorang dapat  awards from the teacher
.Because we got second place in Running Man Events ...
Sebelum Balik rumah, Cikgu Kamsiah ada sediakan four cakes for
all Students yang dtng pada hari ni  ..

I feel sad that the school is over.
Semua kawan2 nak pindah dari sekolah ,
especially a friend of mine. Suraya Samsudin yang beria nak pindah
 schools next year .. Hahaha! .
okayy if I could 4A result I will stay in SMKTDS.
 okay if I do not consider about the result..  whether
aku akan  move or stay je. Aku ada sediakan clip video
untuk semua dekat youtube ! Sampai sini je  =, = '

Credits 니나 (korean name) 

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